Why work with us?

gr8t Recruiters, Inc. recruiters operate a full cycle recruiting model. The recruiter is the single point of contact for both the candidate and the hiring manager. This includes meeting with the hiring manager to discuss the role, sourcing qualified candidates, pre-screening, preparing candidates for the F2F interview, offer negotiations, and on-boarding.

This approach benefits both the candidate as well as the employer especially for high touch positions that are difficult to fill.

From the Employers view – Do you wonder why you get volume referrals from agencies but they often are not a match for the role that you are recruiting for? At gr8t Recruiters, Inc. the account manager speaking to you is the same person who is sourcing candidates. The advantages are that the recruiter have rich information to share with the applicants – “not just a JD” as they are talking directly with you and will be able to sell the differentiated offering to highly skilled passive candidates with a high success rate of gaining their interest. Having the skills and meeting the requirements does not guarantee that the candidate will join. In this candidate driven market you have to sell. The recruiters at gr8t Recruiters, Inc. are adept at this is as we can relate to both the candidate and the employer resulting in a high closure rate.

From the Candidate view – Do you wonder why the initial intake interview with an agency is often templatized with canned questions? Admittedly, there are some standard questions that we need to address but does this give you a great first impression. At gr8t Recruiters, Inc., the intake interview is to get you excited about the position that we are recruiting for. The recruiter who sourced you is the same person who works with you throughout the whole process of getting your job requirements, providing you with rich information about the role (not just the JD), getting the interview, dealing with objections, negotiating your offer, and on-boarding you with your next challenge. It’s like having your own personal shopper.